I knew I brought my camera to work today for a reason!

I spent most of the day in Wisconsin, but I happened to jet back into my cubicle around 3:30 when I glanced up to stretch and my eyes fell on something that had bothered me since Day 1.

Step 1: Assess Problem

The problem was, of course, that the bottom drawer refused to close. I peered into the depths where no camera can zoom, and discovered a bunch of Brown. Paper. Bags.

I am not trying to think about what a bunch of brown paper bags is doing in the bottom of my filing cabinet, but I am convinced of the need for immediate, er, closure of the issue.

Step 2: Remove Obstacle

My arms are not huge, thank goodness, and I managed to…


No no, totally kidding. I just really wanted to use that picture.

Anyway, I begin pulling out bag. After bag. After…bubble wrap? After bag…


I use my extra special peering powers and discover two bags smooshed in the back. My arm doesn’t have joints in the right place, so I think: leverage! But the filing cabinet is a good heavy metal one and is supporting the desk (see picture in Step 1). So I then progress to…

Step 3: Acquire Tool

Tool Acquired.

Through awesome maneuvering, I managed to successfully (with only minor sound effects) unload…

The, uh, Loot

It was like a clown car! An everlasting gobstopper! I couldn’t believe it! I could imagine how periodic over-stuffing of upper drawers had pushed one or two bags down below, but what was the previous owner of this filing cabinet doing with brown paper bags stuffed into her filing cabinet? Maybe one or two – you know, because I’m shopping on the way home? And why put them in the upper drawers? This never-ending-magical-recycling bin could easily hold it’s goodness in it’s very own drawer.

Step 4: Deal With "Leftover Parts"

Half an hour later, I was left with a very satisfying view from my chair.

Step 5: Bask in Accomplishment

That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why they call me Furble.